Time-Space-Memory 1

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  • Shrutika Gosavi (b.1987, Madhya Pradesh, India) is an acclaimed artist and poet based in UAE since 2011. With a Master's Degree in Visual Arts, she is a full-time Art Practitioner. Recognized for her contributions, Shrutika received a golden cultural visa from Dubai Culture in 2021. She represented India at UNESCO's Art Camp Andorra in 2023 and won the Rove Emerging Artist Award in 2020. Shrutika's contemporary figurative art is marked by emotion, intricate storytelling, and a touch of symbolism and surrealism. Her work was selected for many prestigious exhibitions globally, including the Sikka Art Festival Dubai. Her paintings adorn collections worldwide, including at the UN UAE.


  • Title : Time-Space-Memories 1 (series of 5 artworks)
    Medium : Ink, Acrylic, Rice paper on paper
    Size : Full Imperial paper (300 gsm)
    Year : December 2023
    The title conveys the idea that each painting is a visual representation drawn from personal recollections, providing a glimpse into the rich tapestry of memories, featuring famous old sculptures, human bodies, unconventional compositions, and vibrant colors. I used visuals from memories of different time and space. The process is so intuitive and started with just a thought that I used to get inspired by sculpture portraits while studying in art school. I used to sketch them a lot to study the form, light and line. Those elements have been amalgamated with the technique where I paste rice paper on the surface to create texture and give a subtle natural tone to the painting.


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